Corporate Social Responsability

Social Performance consulting services

Implementation of a SP ALPHA strategy

At SP Alpha, we understand the importance of Social Performance (SP) in today’s business environment. We help our clients develop and implement effective SP strategies that align with their business goals and values, helping to build long-term trust and reputation with their customers, employees, and communities. Our comprehensive SP consulting services include:

  • Design a SP strategy;
  • Implementation of a SP strategy;
  • Reporting on SP.

SP Strategy

Our team of SP experts works with companies to develop and implement a SP approach from design to evaluation phase. We take into consideration your core business, your key stakeholders, your impacts and risks to develop a strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. Our strategy development services include:

  • Preliminary assessment;
  • Putting in place a SP Policy;
  • Designing a SP standard;
  • Setting the SP strategy;
  • Conducting materiality assessments;
  • Identifying strategic community investment;
  • Setting a monitoring and evaluation process;
  • Design a reporting process.
SP Strategy

Implementation of a SP strategy

Social Performance consulting services

Developing a CSR strategy is just the first step. At SP Alpha, we help our clients implement their CSR strategies and initiatives, ensuring that they meet their business objectives and comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SP Alpha implementation services include:

  • Set a  SP standard;
  • Identify human rights impacts;
  • Develop a stakeholders engagement plan;
  • Set a portfolio of community investments;
  • Put in place a grievance mechanism process;
  • Draft the monitoring report;
  • Draft the SP communication materials;
  • Train and assist clients team.

Social Performance Reporting

Sustainability reporting is an important tool for companies to communicate their CSR activities and performance to stakeholders. At SP Alpha, we can help you develop a SP report/ sustainability report aligned with international standards requirements.

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