Our services​

At SP Alpha, we specialize in providing comprehensive Social Performance, risk management and crisis management consulting, services to help our clients navigate complex business challenges and achieve business objectives. Our services include…

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Implementation

We work with companies to develop and implement effective CSR strategies that align with their business goals and values. Our CSR consulting services include the development and implementation of SP Policy, SP Strategies and SP Reporting, , helping our clients to build long-term …

Risk Assessment and Management

SP Alpha support its clients in developing a thorough risk management process covering the five key following steps: Risk identification; Risk analysis; Risk evaluation; Risk treatment; Risk monitoring. Our team of experienced risk management professionals has a deep understanding of the risks and challenges that businesses face in today’s environment.

Crisis Management Planning and Response

We help our clients prepare for and respond to crises, whether they are natural disasters, cyber attacks, reputational damage, or other types of crisis situations. Our crisis management services include crisis planning, crisis communications, and crisis response, ensuring that your business is well-prepared to handle any unexpected event.​